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Default 89 HB 2 wheel drive -Front wheel problems "control"

I have a 89 HB don't know the car fax when I bought my truck. I did buy it from my brother who bought it from someone else. Brother had it for about 18 months. I've had it since Feb.2017. And had it looked @ from mechanic friends that owns HB. My truck has a nap Z-24i - fuel injection original motor everything stock even down to the exhaust. Its an automatic. So far flex plate in trans was changed when brother had it. I've done some minor fixes and kept it stock no drops no torsion just have pathfinder rims (dorito rims) tires are (195/65/15)
Here's what else troubles I'm having. If u have advice I'm open for solutions and input from your knowledge thank you.

1) Inner driver wheel is bald..passenger side has meat still.
2) on straight road steering wheel pulls right slowly.
3) Turn right or left hard. There is a hard crank knock.
4) press brakes hard. Stearing wheel yanks hard right.
5) power steering pump bearings mangled and blew fluid out from pulley.

Checked and fixed
1) replaced power steering pump. (Remanufactured)
2) checked all bushings and bearings, lift my truck and tried to wiggle my wheels side to side up pulled back and forth to check ball joints-wheels are stiffed never wiggled).
3) replaced shocks with brand new shocks. (Old shocks was nissan manufactured.
4) replaced old break master cylinder (new break master cylinder -Napa's-) also break pads
5) rotated tires.
6) greased wheel bearings.
7) replaced idle pulley and belts
8) new battery and alternated is almost 1 year old
9)replace gas filler hose
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