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Originally Posted by iamosolo View Post
What if I already have the spindles? I just "tore" the front setup out of the truck to "re bag" it. I figured now would be the perfect time to do a 5 lug conversion while I have it all apart. So you're saying I can just take the whole thing to a machine shop, have them cut down that 1/4", then I slap on a 'yota hub/bearing and voila? Will I still need to shim the caliper?
Thats what I am sayin. Find a good machine shop. Dont go to Joe Blows MAchine shope or LIck My Tool and DIe Machine shop. The shop I went to charged me 110 bucks for both. They did a great job. Make sure to take the diagram I posted with you. It il hepl with trying to tell them wht you want.
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