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The old 300zx started as an na, i was going to TT swap it after i helped a friend do his, got all the parts collected and then threw them in trunk sold it and bought the370.

It's a VK56DE from a Titan, Made a custom billet adapter plate for the 6 speed and a flywheel adapter, billet aluminum poly mounts, and I'm hoping to fit a whipple 2.9l on top of it. Heads are getting CNC'd to our stage 3 profile with 1mm oversize valves and some JWT cams, block is going to stay factory sleeves, forged pistons and rods, with ACL race bearings and Arp everything, custom billet drysump pan is half done, Got a 70mm radiator with dual spal electric fans for cooling and working on getting custom guages and an MS3 Pro ecu. Projected finish date is sometime next year.
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