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Originally Posted by andysarcade View Post
I have the factory 4-speaker option in my '94 truck, currently i'm trying to troubleshoot why I have no sound from the back. The diagram shows the rear audio goes to an 'amplifier' connector, which i don't know the location of, and i assume (as there should be no amplifier in this thing) that it has some sort of loop-through connector that may be missing or unplugged in mine...

Am i the only one with the factory fit? I've just located the original Clarion fm/cassette head unit and have overhauled it as i'm putting my truck back to stock. I have a spare that i can restore if anyone was looking to revert to stock
It seems like the rear speaker amps were 'lumps' that mounted to the bottom of the factory stereo.

If anyone upgraded the stereo at any point, they likely did not run power to the rear speakers and the wiring is just laying under the carpet or floor mat.
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