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Default '93 SE-R with a couple mods


I bought the car new off the lot in 1993. They had the only Super Black one in Houston. I took my wife on our honeymoon in the car.

The SE-R was on Car & Drivers Top-10 every year it was produced from 1991-1994. It was and remains an all time great performance bargain.

We'll start at the reason why my D21 has been moving at a snails pace.

Because Ashton at Ashton Automotive & Performance in Killeen was busy as hell with my B13 and fourteen bazillion other cars, including other "project cars" like mega-hp trucks. Big dollar, professionally built, honkin' turbo behemoths. Diesels and all manner of manly man trucks. He opened up, got swamped to the gills, got more help, got rid of some less helpful, and then moved to a 5K square foot shop all in about a year. Proud of my friend, my cars a playtoy and his other customers probably got to get to work. He is worth a 5 hour drive and waiting for his expertise.

My current favorite shot. I told Ashton to street tune it to perfection and drive it a ton. He promptly took it to Cars & Coffee.

'94 V6, 4x4, ext cab, auto. '93 SE-R, original owner, a couple mods.

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