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picked up another motor today, 30p(early stye) bottom end and 10y(late style) heads and intake

and then this happened...

my workbench is full now...

the pistons had some crud and rust on top of them and the cylinder walls, tells me the it sat with no heads on it for a while, havent messed with the heads yet, just pulled em off and set them to the side. the bottom end is really what i bought it for and he didnt feel like taking it apart so he sold me the whole thing for 150. only thing i found on the bottom end was the #6 rod was shaped like a banana, but the rod bearings seemed to be in good shape and theres no heat scoring on them? does this mean that the rod bent but didnt affect the crank? with the pistons out the crank rotates freely and doesnt have any end play in it, feels solid. what would you guys think about just replacing the bearings and honing the cylinders and new rings? obviously replacing the bent rod?

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