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Cleaned the shit out of my office space. The garage is next. And I ordered some new parts for the daily...a set of new control arms, an OE driver door seal (the original one has been torn since forever) and a window switch panel that hasn't lined up properly in 10+ years. I've got a couple of small electronics-based things to do as well:

Fix my broken PS3 (disc reader). It would be a fitting time to play The Last of Us again lol.

Clean out the new-to-me xbox. Someone gave it to me about a year ago and I haven't really done anything with it. It does work but it's packed full of dog hair so I'll have to open it up and clean it out.

Fix the window switch in my car. I have a junkyard one in there now but I bet it's probably something simple like a burnt contact or a cracked solder joint somewhere.

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