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Originally Posted by Cusser View Post

While the wheels were off, I also noticed the factory front flexible brake lines had cracks, so I replaced those and bled the brakes (this "finding stuff before it fails" is why I like to do most of my own work.

Some of the existing tie rod ends and ball joints had torn boots, some were too-tight, some very loosey-goosey, so good that I addressed all that.

Bottom line: the two front tires were out-of-balance, so re-balanced for free; the tire guy wasn't sure if that amount of mis-balance could be the cause of the front end instability. I had the two new tires put on the front, and that solved the front end instability issues. But I'm glad that I addressed all the other stuff, which had a minimal cost due to close-out and lifetime-warranty parts.
Totally appreciate your sharing your experience.
When doing torque specs what steering and suspension components do ya'll do on the ground vs up on jacks? I destroyed an upper balljoint boot somehow with it in the air and am going to be cautious on this go about.

Originally Posted by ahardb0dy View Post
Just an FYI, Select Energy Suspension black bushings are impregnated with Graphite
Re-sell the reds and get the blacks? Or ehhhhhhh?
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