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Picture of the actual site is shown below. For exact location, just Google Map search on the term 'Lonesome Lake, Washington'. The site is just past the lake, up that road you see in the picture. Some of the road cannot be seen.

From the spot we selected, although you can't see it in the one heck of a close-up-and-personal view of Mt. Rainier.

Make sure you go to that page I linked in the last post and use the Contact Form if you are even THINKING about attending. I have to take it down once we reach 75 people, but I might take it down before we get to that...the max number of people allowed under Forest Service group camping rules. One reason to sign up is because we send out a group email with updates about every six weeks, and two weeks prior to the event we send everyone a print-ready PDF with maps, directions, suggested gear, a contact phone and a ham frequency we monitor. You will probably need this, plus the updates in case anything changes between now and July.

All group emails are sent out BCC ('blind carbon copy') so that nobody receiving the email can see anyone else's email address. We do this to avoid the evil spammers.

First Picture: Close up of site. Can't see the nearby Lonesome Lake in this one, but it is just back down the road a short distance. Has two toilets there, although we do provide a flush toilet and a hot water shower inside a bath tent at the main site.

Second Picture: A more general view showing the lake nearby. You could actually stay there, but you need a WA State Discover Pass to do that. Short stops to use the toilets are allowed, though.


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