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Default 2013 Scavenger Hunt rules

The rules:

This is a scavenger hunt. I will ask you to find things.

In this forum you will see a post from ANY staff member. Thread titles will follow the standard format of "Request #1" and etc.

The request will ask for a picture of something, or multiple somethings. Make sure to read the request fully before setting off on the hunt. There are normally 2 or 3 required criteria, and they must all be in the same picture!! if the request is for "A and B" then A and B must be in the same picture. Each person needs to post a different picture. Posting the same picture but cropped or framed is not accepted. Posting a picture of the same scene, but from a different angle is a different picture, and is accepted.

The fun part is that some things are easy to find, others are harder, and then some pics will be easier to take yourself using standard household items. Don't expect it to be easy. And always keep your camera batteries charged.

The first 5 people to post pictures will be awarded points (10, 8, 5, 3, 1 respectively). Myself, or a staff member will call out accepted entries with their placing. (Ex. Hardbodyguy claims second place) We are the judges, and what we say goes.

Bonus points may become available at any time and will be explained fully at that time. Alterations to the rules may appear at any time, so read the request carefully as some exceptions may be made.

Important notes:

Please make sure your picture is clear, and large enough to be able to distinguish the items. Unclear pictures or tiny pictures will be rejected.

Make sure your picture is on a reliable host. If it does not display on my computer, I cannot give you credit, so use the "preview thread" button to check the status. Some sites do not allow you to hotlink, so be prepared. Red X's are missed opportunities.

It must be posted with proper [img] tags. Please make yourself familiar with posting pictures before we begin. Copying a picture to your photobucket is a good way to guarantee it will show up, but will cost you time, so gamble wisely.

Post editing will be disabled to prevent cheating. So get it right the first time, or use the preview button. If you aren't a picture posting whiz, you might want to go practice in the testing forum.

Photoshopped pictures are not allowed unless specified by the request. So don't waste your time creating something. Ill be able to tell.

Do not post multiple entries hoping to have a better chance at winning. This makes it harder for others to score points, so make sure the picture you post is worth posting. You should be able to tell if your picture is a winner or not. Otherwise you are just littering the thread and pissing people off. Breaking this rule will cause your entries to be ineligible for that round. Break this rule twice and you will be removed from the contest. You've been warned.

A scorecard will be posted at the top of the forum to help you keep track. It will be updated daily, but it wont be instantly updated after each request.

The requests will be posted at random times. There will be 20 requests total spread over a 7 day period. There may be 4 requests per day, or 1. There is no set pattern. This gives everyone a fair shot at the title. So if you are out of town, in the hospital, without internet, or some other excuse, sorry about your luck. Hopefully you have better luck next year.

Everyone is eligible. There is no minimum post count, the only requirement is that you are a registered forum user. The list is kept only by those running the contest, so dont think you can get hints from any staff members.

The prizes:

To be determined. We will be awarding 1 IN sticker to the winner of each request. No member may receive more than 2 stickers. If a member wins a 3rd or subsequent request the sticker will go to the next eligible member.

Participation is required. Void where prohibited. These rules may be amended at any time. In accepting the prize, the prize winner acknowledges that Infamous Nissan may not be held liable for any loss, damages or injury associated with accepting or using this prize. Getting banned during the contest period will forfeit your right to winning any prize in this contest. The purpose of this contest is for entertainment value. Those trying to take the fun out of the contest will be removed from the Scavenger Hunt.

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