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There was a time a few years back when I bought new stock-type FRONT fender flares online, but whoever manufactured those seems to have stopped. In fact, here is the link I saved:

I was not able to find REAR fender flares at all.

Now, it seems, your only option is to find someone selling their used fender flares.

Where is the aftermarket manufacturer for these?

The front fender flares on a 2x4 truck do not fit exact. They leave small gaps at the bottom to fit the stock fender's natural flare on a 4x4 truck. If you have a 2x4 and want the extra room from 4x4 fenders, that is an easy swap. You just have to paint to match.

Similarly, the backs of 4x4 trucks have larger fender bulges than 2x4 trucks. That swap is not as simple, though. You will either need to swap beds (easiest) or cut out the fenders on the 4x4 truck and weld them onto your 2x4 truck.
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