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Originally Posted by 89'HBV6 View Post
...and you have no idea how much. Well written, thank you!
Now, to completemplate my future!

I knew Subies were an odd bunch... it did not used to be this way, but my jump from 01' to 17' was huge! So much so that it's like jumping multi-generations in the computer world. You can be lost in an instant! This is just another portion of my learning process in this new age of this "Computerized Automotive World".

So, on the "cheapER side" (old budget is out the window)... something I can use across platforms. Prefer dedicated, reliable and cost effective.... Rather not use my phone.
Is there a prefered manuf these days, for standard OBD2 readers?

Searching... I've seen so many, madeinChina, my head is spinning. Trying to narrow down...
They're all made in China. That's where all the affordable software comes from . Honestly brand doesn't matter all that much as long as it does what you need it to do. Scan tools have come a long way over the past 10 years and I don't think there are too many that are actual junk. Get something that you think will work for what you're doing.

Across the board I'd say Autel makes pretty decent stuff. They used to make HF's line of scanners, I don't know if they still do. You might look at their MK series of tools (like the MK808). For a DIYer it's probably the most bang for the buck. No bidirectional controls but you can look at live data for everything and I believe it can also program keys for most cars, not that anyone ever loses theirs. Here are a couple of examples:

Honestly I'd probably buy that ThinkScan tool if I didn't have one already, that's a smoking deal for what you get. I wasn't expecting to find that just doing a cursory search on Amazon. They are made by Launch, and while I've never used one of those my regular Launch tool is fantastic.

I would definitely wait until closer to the end of the year before buying anything, though. On or after black Friday is a good time. Once they start rolling out next year's model you can often get the outgoing model at a discount.
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