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I most certainly will keep them coming! And today will be no different!

The TLC was a Butterscotch colored body and SUPER clean! I mean showroom quality! Maybe another time I can document it, if I come across it again.

Yeah, that tow truck looks shady! No company name on the driver's door. But looks like the lettering has been pulled off and only the "clean" spots are left on the sheet metal for you to read. The only thing that LOOKS like it could be legit. Is the "6B" or "6 Boy" on the support brace on the upper right side. That is the truck's call sign when their dispatch is calling them. That's how they are identified on the radio. I know this, because I've installed/tested radios, PA systems light bars etc. on these very trucks back when I was an electronic tech working in a different shop. Still could be a "bandit tow truck". But, yes, a very cool ride!

I have another cool ride to post today too! Just keep scrolling down the page to find it. HINT: It's NOT a D21...

So onto the show!

This lilac/blue(?) D21 is pretty darn nice! I had to circle back to get this pic on a major artery in South Los Angeles. Some serious D21 pride going on right there!

This blue HB tried to get away from me while driving home today! I had to upshift into 4th gear and get on it to catch up to him! Sorry for the not so great photo. But he gave me a run for my money to snap this pic for his truck to "Live in Infamy" on Infamous Nissan! Same color truck(but NOT the same) truck from a prior post that I snapped a photo of while driving on the 10 freeway in Downtown Los Angeles.

This white D40(?) was when Nissan put superchargers on some of their trucks. Thought it was a somewhat rare find. So I documented it just the same. This truck has been there many times before when I've driven down this street to my parent's house. So I might be able to get a better photo of this 4x4 Super Charged truck.

Bonus Pathy photo for the true enthusiast!

...and here's the non-Datsun/Nissan photo of the day. I will include one with each post to shake it up a little bit. This photo happens to contain two vehicles in it. So BONUS!

Well a quick back story on the Jimmy/K-5 Blazer. In addition to having my '97 HB. The '90-'91 Chevy/GMC K-5 Blazer is the truck I was seriously pursuing before I even bought my '97 HB. It would have looked just like this one. Especially with the side sliding windows and 4 head lights. I just couldn't find one to buy. Plus, I needed a new truck anyways for reliability to get to school and back while pursuing my electronics degree and FCC Radio/Telephone license. So an ode to what might have been...


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