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Default Mazda brake question

My wife's 2012 Mazda 3 that I just replaced the front dr. side wheel bearing on. I also replaced the brake pads.

She said the car feels like it is pulling to the dr. side when she applies the brakes, I noticed it also one time I stopped but not every time.

When I checked the car before finding the bearing was bad I noticed the dr. side pads ( bad bearing side) were worn very low and the pass side had more life left on them, the rotors probably should be replaced but they did not have any major grooves in them, just wasn't in the budget at this time.

When I compressed the caliper pistons to put the new pads in they both compressed easily, not like one was stuck.

I also applied the caliper grease to the areas the pads sit on the caliper, it didn't look like there was any residue from any grease being on them before, I also put some grease on the bolt/slide pins but I only did one side, have to pull the other side out and grease them.

Is it possible the play in the hub on the bad bearing side caused the pads to wear faster?

I think I need to just order the rotors and it will probably correct any pull.

Car has 89K on it and first time the brakes were done since we owned it.

any opinions on this?
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