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Bearing tool arrived Tuesday along with the parts, we got home Wednesday. My wife and I went to the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville to get a second opinion on her heart problems.

I got the race off using my Dremel and a cut off wheel, and a chisel

I used the tool to put the bearing in, than the hub, took about 15 minutes, tool worked perfectly and very easy. Funny there is a sticker inside the tool case that says not to use an impact gun but in the instructions it shows an impact gun being used. I used a 3/4" ratchet and socket I have as my largest 1/2" drive socket was too small for the nut that comes with the tool.

Just reinstalled the knuckle (was fun for a while, finally it seated itself on the strut), replaced the brake pads on both sides, greased the slide surfaces and the slide pin/bolts. Just got done getting cleaned up and cooloing off, going to take it for a test drive, hopefully everything is OK.

This is the kit I bought.
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