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Video I did on Eric Ulis, the organizer of last year's 'DB Cooper Convention 2018'. A real jerk, let me assure you. He was offered the hosting job for a combination event, a 'Cooper Party' to replace the famous Ariel Store Cooper Days party that ended in 2015, along with his convention. The cast of Brad Meltzer's Decoded TV show was scheduled to appear, plus a famous Hollywood star. He agreed to host...and then ignored all the emails and phone calls from the other organizers...

Eventually, the event was cancelled. Some time later, he put out a daily video on the Cooper case for just over two months...and then announced he was holding another convention not in Portland...but in Vancouver, WA. There has been little to no interest from the public of course. I personally wasted two months setting up this combo event and why he played that game on everyone we haven't a clue. So he got everything he deserved in the video, which I approached with a partially-comedic angle. You can see it at YouTube, if you're interested.
I get a shot of the truck in there, of course.

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