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added oil to my Frontier,

My wife's Mazda, she was saying the steering felt funny, pulled the pass. tire, all looks and feels good, start to pull the dr. side tire and it's got some play, pull the tire, put two lugs back on to hold the rotor and it has play in the bearing.

One of the cars with the pressed in bearing, removed the knuckle and got the hub out, than beat the old bearing out with a very large socket and big hammer.

Went to the auto parts and bought the bearing, and brake pads as those are getting low, asked if they had the bearing tool to rent, they don't, went across the street to the other auto parts store, they don't rent it either, of course it's Sunday and no shops are open to press it in and we are leaving to go to Jacksonville today and were going to take her car, so we're taking the frontier now

Checked Harbor freight to see how much the bearing tool is $119 ! Checked on Amazon and they have them starting at about $56, I had a $31 credit with them so I ordered the tool, cost me $34 after the credit, will be here on Tuesday. So figured since I have to wait and can't work on the car until we get back, I ordered the bearing and brake pads from Rockauto, cheaper and will also be here on Tuesday, going to return the over priced parts to O'Reily, was $100 vs $ $59.

So I'll be doing a bearing and front brakes when I get home.
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