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Brought back the Teal Terror from the Olympic Mountains after my three day camping trip. Washed and vacuumed.

The purpose of the whole trip was to shoot three videos on the famous 'DB Cooper' hijacking case. Got that done. Currently processing them for YouTube, adding front and back credits, some still shots inserted into the videos here and there.

Two of the videos are pretty controversial, which is why I am so well-liked in Cooperland. (My name for the folks who hang out on forums discussing the case...and sometimes coming after me personally LOL)

Yeah. They hate me with a passion. Especially since we sold the movie rights to Cooper suspect Kenny Christiansen's story to a couple of production companies in Hollywood. Movie itself scheduled for filming and release in 2021, the 50th anniversary of the famous hijacking. Until then, I get a check for $2,500 each year every January since 2017. On what they call 'First Day of Production Shooting' I receive another six figures and 1 1/2% of the production companies' share of the net.

Ask me if I care about the do not.

1997 King Cab XE, 5-sp, canopy, AC/PS, KA24E, 120,000 miles. Need a technical manual? Drop me a message. Chilton's for amateurs.
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