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Originally Posted by lizzy.trickey View Post
Disclaimer: I don't work on cars much!

I did some sketch wiring (spliced some Romex from left headlight over to the right headlight, and also wired in a new front left blinker, old one was rusted/corroded AF) annnnd now:

The front left blinker doesn't work when my headlights are on.

The left blinker signal is speedy blinking, as if it was out.
(left blinker does work when headlights aren't on!)

And, my brights don't work at all..No headlights at all when you switch to high beams.

WTF did I do and how do I fix it?
Some of this has to do with the wiring. Use the original wiring for all the lights that was already there, even if you have to cut it back a ways and splice in a new piece, if some of the original wire is bad.

A speedy turn signal light can often mean that the OTHER bulb is burned out, like the BACK one on the same side. If it isn't that, check the flasher unit under the dashboard. It may be bad, but it is more often the bulb. The bulb up front will flash faster because the BAD one on the same side isn't using any current. (It also serves as a warning that you have a burned out bulb) Look at the back flasher on the same side as the one that's going too fast. If it isn't working, check the bulb. If you replace the bulb and it still doesn't work, I would check your wiring job or the flasher unit.

As far as the headlight switch, they do weird things when they get dirty or corroded. Member here 'SBJ' has had good luck with those problems by exposing the headlight switch and cleaning them with Q-tips and electrical cleaner spray. Don't use WD40 or silicone spray, or brake cleaner. Just the electrical component spray.

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