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Originally Posted by Cusser View Post
I adjusted my front toe using the tape measure method today. And manually adjusted the rear brakes.
I adjusted the toe of the Frontier using the measuring tape method for measuring, after a free alignment check on a Hunter machine at Brake Masters showed its toe to be slightly toed out. Mrs. Cusser helped me by holding the tape measure in the tire groove.

My 1998 was overdue for a fuel filter replacement (75K on it) so I did that today as well. Nissan is exceedingly dumb in my opinion in the engineering of this, the bracket is in the way of replacing the fuel filter. I've reported that when I got this truck at 100K, the fuel filter had never been replaced, its clamp screws were facing up and essentially impossible to access. It's all designed to be installed before the bed goes on, and screw those trying to do this later on.

So this time I wised up, finally got fed up, so I reversed the bracket to underneath so it wouldn't block access to the fuel filter, yet still secures the filter in place. I drilled three holes in the support bar and used three #12 hex head sheet metal screws after drilling 9/64" holes.
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