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Originally Posted by alabama_lowlife View Post
I read somewhere that the vg30 cams offer better performance, did you look into that? Also, could you have used the VG30 accessories instead of the Xterra parts?
The Cams are a bit better but for my pocket book and future plans it wasn't worth swapping the cams out. I eventually want to get euro cams or possibly get the D21 cams reground, and as this is my daily I'd like to keep down time minimal. They do drop right in as do the Z31(T). The Heads from the VG33 are a better casting over the D21 and older VG heads.

Now, the Accessories. The single largest issue with the accesorries is that the D21 crank snout is smaller so the Balancer will not fit and so far as I know the only way around this is to use the VG30 Crank and either (A) a VG30 Oil pump, which leaves the filter on the side of the block or (B) an early quest pump which relocates the filter to right under the Alt. Also, doing the Xterra Accessory set makes the 120 amp Quest Alt. a bolt in affair.

Edit: I did figure out the oil pan/pickup tube situation, Unfortunately it does require modification but allows me to retain the VG30 oil pan. I'll try to get pics of what I'm doing later.
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Originally Posted by C_Case View Post
mine's a complete shitheap, bought from a guy who hacked it, who bought it from a complete retard.
i put 3k on it with a horrible rod knock before it barfed up a tranny.
it's ugly, loud, uncomfortable and smelly, but i'll be damned if it's not reliable.
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