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Originally Posted by StewDog1972 View Post
I'm a newbie, I don't actually own my own Nissan but I just bought my son his first mini, a '97 Nissan Hardboddy. Does that make me an honorary member? Anyway, I don't know who I have to hug around here but I posted a cal combo and a set of taillight fillers for sale and I haven't seen the add posted. Can you help? Thanks from the Nissan rookie.

Welcome Stew

Unfortunately we have some rules regarding ads posted here see the "Rules and Regulations" thread.

This is to discourage people here just sell something which isnt why we are here, it's for the love of the Nissans and there are other avenues (ebay, craiglist, kijiji etc...) to sell something. If you wish to stick around and find out more about what cheap mods you and your son could do to the truck have a look around, ask questions and before you know it you will be able to post an ad and hopefully someone else needs what you have

Again welcome to
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