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Originally Posted by djs View Post
Nice write up. Why drill the brackets though? If you don't have the screws, Home Depot sells them. Just bring the bracket. Remember, the bracket mounts BEHIND the bumper tabs. You need to remove the square plastic screw clips from the bumper tabs first. Mounting them in front of tabs causes them to stick out too far and they will be damaged from a rogue shopping cart. Switched power can also be snagged from the cig lighter. I don't know what the wattage of the bulbs are, I never checked mine. None of my wiring gets hot though. I have checked several times. The glass lenses do get extremely hot though. I shut mine off in traffic.
My brackets did not fit behind the bumper tabs. There simply was not enough space between the tabs and the bumper brackets(these brackets are from Pathys which use different bumper brackets). The distance the lights stick out is negligible.
I got my switched power from the parking lights.
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