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Originally Posted by LugNut1990 View Post
Three times? It's an engine issue -- running too rich, most likely. Emission controls still in place and fully functional, e.g., your upstream O2 sensor? Even a really bad air filter can cuase such.
No check engine light or codes, doesn't smell rich, inspect and clean my air filter often. If it is running rich, it's only slightly rich. IMHO, it's still a bad casting if it cant withstand a slightly rich burn. Pretty sure I can get the approximate air:fuel ratio off my OBDII scan tool...I'll check that out when I can. Most components were replace ~57k ago when I rebuilt the motor and tranny, and the components that weren't were thoroughly inspected and/or cleaned. Now that I write that...I do think it's time for new plugs (57k really goes quick).
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