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September 29th 2012

I was able to get a pre-made brake line that runs along the frame rail from the dealer for employee pricing the other day. I installed it today without any issues. So far every bolt has turned but that may be because I have been letting everything soak in PB Blaster for the last 3 weeks and hitting the fittings with the vice grips. Every fitting I have attacked has turned by hand, even the super rusty ones. The lines back out of the wheel cylinders without taking the threads with them too so I won't be needing those. The fuel sending unit bolts also came out without a hitch too which means the tank is salvageable, just need a sending unit...mines rusted out. Fuels lines will all be new from Nissan as well. Slowly but surely this thing is going back together nicely...knock on wood. Still building the wooden bed as money permits. I am keeping the red bed and will work on it next spring. Tomorrow I plan on stopping by Advance Auto to grab 2 two pieces of brake line so I can replace the 2 lines along the rear axle, those were so rotten they broke. Might as well replace everything and do it right!For a 21 year old work truck this thing has been pretty decent to work far!

Something odd I noticed about this truck, no proportioning valve. It's not set up for one. I ordered the front to rear brake line by VIN# and they sent me the exact line I took off. I know it's a base fleet model but even my 1981 720 has a prop valve. I wonder what is up with that?
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