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Originally Posted by david29 View Post
The amplifier is what makes the auto rolldown feature work.
Thanks David.

IDK what to tell you. I have the original (3" thick!) Nissan shop manual. I've been through the schematics a few times. I'm a tech -- but not a Nissan tech -- so I could have missed it but it sure isn't obvious.

The NX does have the auto rolldown feature on the driver's window (as I'm sure you know) so that means it has to have *something* to perform that function. Maybe it's an amplifier, maybe it's a relay.

I have no idea how auto mfrs design the control circuitry for the auto down feature. One way would be to use a "pick and stick" relay -- when the driver pushes the window button all the way down, that picks the relay which then "sticks" (stays picked) and provides a parallel path for current flow to the window motor. The driver can then let up on the switch and the motor will continue to run until the window is fully down.

Whatever the case, the 'auto down' feature is an additional/aux path. Theoretically it could be removed and the windows should still work.

Again, IDK for sure, but it does not seem like something that would cause both windows to stop operating.

I haven't gotten around to doing the troubleshooting I mentioned above. I'm hoping that will solve the problem -- but with it being intermittent, that may be wishful thinking.

Initially, I was hoping that others would have had the same problem and could point me in the right direction, because there are several possible causes.
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