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Waiting on dyno to re-open after hours.

Rollers - I'll see about uploading this video.

Dyno graph. 7 psi. +2 degrees timing (I think).

LOCO custom oil-cooler/skid-plate final fitment.

Next is Detail Dude.

I pick it up on April 2ond. Drive it 900 miles to FL, thrash it double-duty, 2 pilots, 2 classes, in the road course and arm-drops, re-dyno it (for kicks, no tuning), and then drive it 900 miles back to Killeen, and then a 5 hour little commute back home to my farm.

Gonna be big fun.
'94 V6, 4x4, ext cab, auto. '93 SE-R, original owner, a couple mods.
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