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Tomorrow is the Big Four-Day Weekend for Major Repairs. I will try to post up some pictures after January 22nd, but this is the deal:
  • Pulling tranny to switch out clutch assembly, but the full list of repairs is bigger. Such as...
  • New disk, pressure plate, flywheel, throwout, pilot bushing, rear main seal, slave cylinder, and starter. (I wangled a deal with Advance Auto, since I have some $20 Speed Perk credits there, to switch out the rebuilt they sold me six months back for a non-rebuilt, NEW starter. Every tenth turn of the key the starter wouldn't engage.)
  • Changing fluid in transmission with genuine Nissan gear oil, GL4. Cost $19 bucks a quart at the dealer, which is not bad really.
  • Switching out diff fluid with RedLine.
  • NOT re-using original flywheel bolts. Have a factory set ready to go.
  • As long as crossmember is out, pull oil pan, scrape and clean, replace gasket.
  • Tools, parts, etc laid out organized on a big, long table in the garage.
Portable radio in garage of course. For music while you work. I told the wife she doesn't have to keep coming out there to ask if I need help LOL. She does that sometimes. FYI: This isn't the first time I've done the clutch and flywheel on a hardbody, but it's the first time since the mid-90's. No worries, though. I have a good memory and have been researching for the last month just in case. I have a solid plan, step by step, how I'm going to pull this one off successfully. I don't like failure on repairs and I hate leaks.

When I finish all that, I am moving on to a few other things (easier stuff) over the next two months. Weld on new muffler, (slight crack in muffler around where the pipe goes into it) replace gaskets in throttle body, (smoke test showed slight vacuum leak there) replace tie-rod ends, new front brake pads, recharge AC system, install new radiator. After all that it will be pretty well restored, except for some paint and body work. That will come summertime.

I decided to do all this work this year because I feel good about the basic engine and tranny on this truck. It just feels solid, and I've had it just over four years now. Original miles about 172K now. And believe it or not, even with all the stuff I'm going to do this weekend, I only spent about $340 total on EVERYTHING, and that includes a set of jack stands, a couple of speciality tools to help pull the top two bolts on the tranny, and everything you saw above. Thank God for Advance Auto and Harbor Frickin' Frieght.

Cost breakdown, all costs include tax:

Clutch set with alignment tool: $113 (disk, pressure plate, pilot bushing, throwout bearing, guide tool.)
New flywheel: $48 (after discounts and Speed Perk $20)
Fluid for tranny, times three quarts: $60
Tools: $12
Rear diff fluid: $15
Pan gasket: (already had one)
Flywheel bolts: $36
Slave cylinder: $20
Rear main seal: $10
Starter: FREE, with warranty exchange and Speed Perk, plus 30% off for ordering it online.
Jack stands: $25.
Floor jack: Already have a good one.
Total: About $340.

Estimate from local shop for just swapping out clutch disk and pressure plate and nothing else: $800. (Yeah, right...I ain't callin' YOU guys again.)

(*Speed Perks at Advance Auto is when you buy something online costing $100 or more, they give you $20 off on your next purchase of $50 or more. If you work this system in conjunction with their monthly 30 percent off stuff for online ordering, you can keep getting major discounts galore. You have to sign up online for the program, but well worth it. For example, on the clutch set, I got the whole thing for $113 because I got 30 percent off, and then dropped a Speed Perk twenty dollar discount on THAT.)

I guess I should add that the Advance Auto is right behind my house. When I walk in there, they wave and say 'Hi, Robert.'

2009 Xterra, 4.0 liter, automatic, 4WD. Need a technical manual? Drop me a message. Chilton's for amateurs.

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