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Originally Posted by Scott Turchin View Post
Yeah got CB< we usually monitor ch4 when in the mountains but we'll switch to 14.

My old CB handle is "The NightHawk"
(EDIT: Looking back now, I should have posted these pictures under the OTHER thread, the one actually ABOUT the eclipse trip.)

Oh, good. I thought I was the only one using CB anymore. SBJ and I are meeting up this coming Friday morning. We've pretty much worked out the gear, etc for the trip.

Someone asks me, "Are you taking that Samsung TV again? Isn't that kind of BIG to take camping?"

Answer: Hell no, baby. It's light and not that big. Gotta have SOMETHING to do when it gets dark. Watching movies or playing video games works almost as well as roasting marshmallows.

Below: Finally...some pictures from the Eclipse Trip to Magone Lake, Oregon last month.

(Posed shot. I actually STOPPED her from taking the shot until she did a small correction. Notice the stock is ABOVE her shoulder. She would have gotten a black eye, had she actually pulled the trigger.)

(These two were downright incorrigible, and had WAY too much fun.)

Daylight shot of the sun before the eclipse, taken through a mylar filter.

The guy at the far left drove all the way from San Jose to be with us. He brought a satellite phone so everyone could call home.

(Full shot of the eclipse, August 21, 2017. 10:22AM at Magone Lake, Oregon. Altitude, 6,000 feet. Taken with Canon Rebel DSLR using 155mm lens.)

I thought the rangers would show up for sure after the first night, but they never did. Other campers down the hill couldn't figure out how we were watching movies on a big screen way out in the middle of nowhere. Some of them walked past the campsite just to see how we did it. I had the TV turned up to 100 on the volume and some of my friends said they could barely hear it. The next morning, I found out the speakers were in the BACK of the TV and kept everyone awake down the hill. So we hooked up some computer speakers the next morning and cut off the rear speakers. That worked just fine.

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