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TWX 02-08-2021 12:21 AM

Looking for suggestions on a mild lift of a D40
'15 Frontier SV crew cab long wheelbase 4x4. I've already gone to slightly larger tires and wheels, 255/75/17 on factory steel wheels that were the spares on certain years of Frontier, Xterra, and Pathfinder, but this mostly offset the reduction in ground clearance from when I installed the aftermarket engine skidplate and the front-mount 2" receiver hitch concealed behind the front bumper.

I've already picked up a pair of add-a-leafs that are supposed to add an inch and a half to the rear with the overload leaves removed, but with the travel trailer I'm debating leaving those. My goal is increase in articulation to clear the coil bucket along with only a mild lift. When the travel trailer is attached right now with completely stock suspension the back squats just a little. I'd like to have it sit dead-flat or as close as possible when loaded down.

Right now due to the weight I've added up front I'm considering front coils from a V8 Pathfinder along with SPC-type UCAs to clear the coil bucket for increased droop, along with Bilstein 5100s set to the third position. I already have a set of camber bolts to install when doing the changes. Does this sound like the right combination? I was surprised to learn that the CC LWB trucks have the same suspensions as the KC trucks even though they're longer and heavier.

If you have other suggestions I'd be glad to hear them.

dvdswan 02-08-2021 03:48 PM

To save you headaches... just bite the bullet.

ahardb0dy 02-08-2021 04:03 PM

Easiest way to lift the D40 Frontier is to replace the struts in front with the Bilstein 5100's which are adjustable, you can use your stock coil springs or if you have a heavy bumper or winch you can upgrade the coils, for the rear you can also use 5100's but they are not adjustable, For the rear use an add a leaf.

The Bilsteins 5100's are better than using the spacers that go on top of the stock struts as they do not cause CBC (coil bucket contact).

Since you pull a trailer some people have installed the helper air bags in the rear with good results.

If you want more lift than consider one of the two 6" kits.

TWX 02-08-2021 06:33 PM

4 Attachment(s)
I have added some weight. In a nutshell:

Custom front hitch mounted behind the bumper cover and behind the front crashbar. 2" receiver sticks up in the gap above the front crashbar:

2/0 and 1/0 gauge cable through a massive high-amp switch in a NEMA case and a high-am fuse:

to hold a winch on the front of the truck that slides into the front receiver:
of course the headache is that when I want the most ground clearance is also when I have the most weight on the front. But I assume this is the same problem that everyone has. But the weight of the front receiver is permanent.

I was looking at springs and I basically have a choice, the V8 Pathy springs, or something aftermarket. I'm probably better off going with the V8 Pathy springs from a comfort point of view, after all the amount of weight I've added isn't all that severe when the hitch isn't slotted-in, but I haven't yet purchased springs. If an aftermarket spring is more comfortable than the V8 pathy springs I'd love to hear about it.

ahardb0dy 02-08-2021 08:08 PM

I have one of those quick connects for my jumper cables

TWX 02-08-2021 10:20 PM


Originally Posted by ahardb0dy (Post 545225)
I have one of those quick connects for my jumper cables

SB50 or SB175? These are the 175s. For a 100% duty cycle they're technically not big enough for the 350A that the winch could draw, but the winch modular cables that even Warn uses are this connector albeit in a different housing color, and they only use 2AWG while I'm using 1/0 as my minimum cable size.

I also took my good jumper cables and cut them about 5/6 of the way along and put a pair of connectors on, one on the short-end and one on the long-end. This way I can use them as normal jumper cables or I can plug into the connector and turn the switch on for either end of the truck, as there's one at the front and one at the back.

ahardb0dy 02-09-2021 01:58 PM

not sure of the model number, wire is 4 gauge,, connectors are grey, have had them over 20 years, very long, I can park behind a car/truck and still reach the battery. bought them from a tow truck supply store years ago.

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