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MoJo59 09-11-2021 04:18 PM

Replaced links and bushings on sway bar
Finally got rid of that clanking noise but still have a lot of suspension work to be done

89'HBV6 09-11-2021 10:24 PM


Originally Posted by MoJo59 (Post 553053)
I gave it my best shot with a Sawzall and crowbar and still couldn't get that door open to get to that panel. I can't believe I did all that for a piece of plastic and cardboard

LOL... yea, we human do sum stpuid things... sometimes... I've been there also...

Did you check into mirroring a good panel?

MoJo59 09-12-2021 02:43 AM

I got tired of seeing a door without a panel. I ended up grabbing a burgandy panel from a 95 from a Pathfinder same one that I got the seats from.
It was a tight fit at the mirror but it's on there.

rockcrawls 09-12-2021 02:54 AM

The "center cap" looks right. It goes on before the lugs.

MoJo59 09-12-2021 03:44 AM


Originally Posted by rockcrawls (Post 553065)
The "center cap" looks right. It goes on before the lugs.

Aha i wondered about that, ill.install then the correct way tomorrow, they're on tight as is but there is a gap

MoJo59 09-14-2021 03:33 PM

Need help identifying connector and vac hose
Two vacuum hoses coming out of black cannister. One connects to air filter box the other one was loose.
I did notice there was an EGR port that didn't have a vacuum line connected does it go there?
Also to the left of the black cannister there is a connector coming out of the wiring harness that looks like it was connected to something that was removed from the engine bay. Notice the two screw holes? Any help would be appreciated

89'HBV6 09-14-2021 07:30 PM

Many times I've seen the cruise control in that area. (back, left side on the V6) It's also vacuum controlled.

MoJo59 09-21-2021 05:23 PM

Intake Air temp sensor
The loose connector in the engine bay was ripped off the air temp sensor under the air cleaner housing

pic uploads

MoJo59 09-21-2021 05:36 PM

Bed was loose
I noticed the bed bouncing around. All the bed bolts were loose especially the front drivers side corner. I tighten the bolts and a week later it was bouncing around again.

The bolt in the front corner was stripped. The bed was removed and the bed hole did not line up correctly with the frame. I presume that bolt was stripped when it was tighten.

I didn't feel like going to the junk yard so I ordered one from the dealer.
The bolt has a welded bracket at the top so it doesn't spin when you're tightening it. There is no room on top to hold it from spinning. It was 12.00.

I guess the good thing is that the fuel pump was replaced

MoJo59 09-21-2021 05:51 PM

Door panel
I installed the passenger side door panel from the 95 Pathfinder. The color and design match the only difference is the middle part of it is cloth.

Finding a matching panel in decent shape is pretty tough. But it sure beats having no panel at all.

The Pathfinder panel has more foam at the top so it was a little tougher to install especially at the mirror side. I do like the way the speaker cover is fastened to the panel compared to the hardbody

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