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Stinky 07-23-2021 04:47 AM

3rd time is the charm on a Quest
I am working on a Mercury Villager (a Nissan Quest in disguise). I am trying to replace the front motor mount....grrrr.

Lets just say that it has been frustrating.

On Monday I went to Oreilly and bought one. Monday afternoon, I returned it and went to Napa to order one.

Tuesday, I learned that the one from Napa (overnite from somewheres) doesn't fit either. Before I took it back, I tried bending it to get it to fit....NO-way Jose. I returned it and then ordered one from Autozone. It is a VDP comes from the manufacturer, then to the local store....2 days.

Autozone has the bushing (internal rubber part). I almost ordered that too, but didn't. Odd, Napa does not show the bushing in their catalog, but AZ does.

On Wednesday, I went to Autozone and ordered the bushing.

On I learned that the Autozone mount doesn't fit either. Their part had bit burrs around the bolt-holes. My grinder fixed that...but the dern thing wouldn't go on/around the frame. I probably coulda fixed that, but what if the spacing was off too...back you go.

This is particularly frustrating as I have to almost get the new part on to see if it will actually not fit. You can put them side by side and see that they are dif...but maybe they will fit.

All my hopes are set on the bushing being the correct one. If old mount will get welded on. If I can't get it to go in by heating up the circle, and pressing it in....gonna cut the strap and then weld it back together.

The problem is the the mount is U-shaped and it goes down on the cross-member under the motor. The U is too wide in places, and then too narrow in others. The mounts all have a dif PN, and the bushing is not the same. The Autozone part had a name on it, the others did not have a PN or any other stamping on them.

Today, I got to fool w/my floor=jack. I put a new used ram in it. It sorta works. Simple job, but tomorrow will be the 5th day

dvdswan 07-23-2021 01:58 PM

It seems more and more that parts stores have to order everything. All they stock is oil and coolant.

Stinky 07-23-2021 04:32 PM

Lately...Oreilly has had what I needed and Autozone doesn't. Oddly enough, they sit right next to each other....about 15' between them.

Advanced Auto Parts bought out Carquest and has 2 stores in town. I haven't gotten used to them yet.

Usually, if Napa can't get it, although it may be a week, you ain't gonna get it.

Reserector 07-23-2021 05:16 PM

If I need something fo an older vehicle, I search O'Rieily first.

Stinky 07-29-2021 05:17 PM

I finally got the bushing in. I used all-thread, and a variety of washers and the ATV retaining ring for my hand-tire installer.

That ring. It is 3/8" thick. about 6" around and has a 2" hole in the center (a big washer/donut). I was at the scrap place after I took a load in. I saw it on the, I gotts to have dat. I tossed it in the truck and paid scrap prices for it. Later. I found that it works perfect for holding an ATV wheel down while changing the tire.

cadillacdude1975 07-29-2021 07:44 PM


Originally Posted by Reserector (Post 551533)
If I need something fo an older vehicle, I search O'Rieily first.

Exactly. I quit using autozone around 2012. Oreillys has a way better parts transfer and ordering process.

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