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Zee 03-12-2017 02:46 PM

3 Trucks for sale!!!
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3 Nissan hardbody pick-up for sale. '90, '94, '97
$4k obo, I need these gone ASAP.
Have clear title for all three
All three are 2 wheel drive 5 speed
Have parts for each truck
Have rebuilt motor that goes with the red truck.
Have paperwork from machine shop on rebuild/parts list
Have new ball joints, sway bar links, and many other new parts that have not been installed
Grey truck is currently on the road, but has major frame rust and needs to be scrapped/parted out
First person with cash will get all 3 trucks, motor, new/used parts.
Serious inquiries only. Don't have time to part out.
Located in Fredericksburg, VA


alabama_lowlife 03-12-2017 03:13 PM

You need to make your location more clear.

jp2code 03-13-2017 11:22 AM

Nice deal, but 3 trucks is probably going to be more than most members on here need.

If you are willing to sell them separately, you might want to post those prices.

You are too far away for me to consider it, though.

Zee 03-13-2017 12:58 PM

I know its a lot, I just don't have time to mess with them. It sucks to see them go, but I just need them off my hands.

Zee 03-21-2017 03:21 AM

$2,500. Come get these out of my face.

Zee 03-30-2017 04:11 AM

Alright......parting out, before all 3 of these trucks go to scrap yard. I have many parts, including single cab headliner (the good kind), to Nissan factory clutch, etc. etc..I don't have the amount of space on here needed to take pictures to the things I have, so let me know what you're looking for and I can let you know what I have and in what condition.

1990nissanhardbody 03-30-2017 04:16 AM

I'm in Roanoke, and I have a good friend in Blacksburg that both need some parts. ill send you a PM here in a bit

Zee 03-31-2017 04:25 AM


Originally Posted by 1990nissanhardbody (Post 477582)
I'm in Roanoke, and I have a good friend in Blacksburg that both need some parts. ill send you a PM here in a bit

10-4, shoot a PM.

Zee 04-04-2017 01:35 AM

Grey and black truck are on the chopping block, before scrapping. Who needs parts?!?!
Sold together for $1K.

Frozenheat 04-26-2017 03:40 PM

are the corner/market lights in good condition on the 97?

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