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Scrapingpavement 02-15-2020 03:01 AM


Originally Posted by baggednissan (Post 531339)
Wish I had a little of your talent .

Got to get out there and start cutting and grinding, that's how most of us learned. Hell I scrapped my build after 5 years but learned so much building it and dont regret trashing it either all about learning from your mistakes.

Scrapingpavement 02-15-2020 03:02 AM

Looking awesome! Brings back memories when I was working on purple crush!

static drop 02-16-2020 10:29 PM

Been a minute but here’s an update for you guys.
Had a turbo 350 rebuilt with all the good stuff internals.
what is al no3 3
Under dash brake booster installed
what is al no3 3
Transmission tunnel done
what is al no3 3

static drop 03-01-2020 12:30 AM

Couple pics from this afternoon

static drop 03-02-2020 12:28 AM

Scrapingpavement 03-12-2020 04:04 AM


static drop 03-23-2020 04:55 PM

A few more pics for y'all before it gets disassembled again. Removing the windshield hopefully tonight so it'll be easier to retrofit the dash then pulling the cab & bed back off so I can coat the undersides of those then, begin to paint the chassis and components as well as, do some of the fuel and brake lines. Then put those back on and do the wiring, bodywork etc.

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