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fattbottom 02-10-2017 10:26 PM

Z24i oilpump install suggestion
This is a pretty easy way to determine what the oil pump setting should be on your specific z24 engine.
1. Make sure the crank and the #1 cylinder are at tdc on the compression stroke. Adjust the distributor with the bolts in the middle of the adjustment holes and snug so it does not move.
2. Mark the I1 position on the distributor base per the distributor cap. This is where the rotor should point to at tdc after all timing is correct, crank, #1 piston and distributor adjusted. Remover the dist cap.
3. Make sure the oil pump and shaft are lined up together and install the pump. Put a couple of bolts in just to hold it in place.
4. Look at the rotor position and turn the crank until the rotor points exactly to the mark you made for the #1 piston mark on the distributor base.
5. Loosen the distributor bolts and carefully remove the distributor. Look down the distributor shaft and take note of the end of the oil pump shaft as to the position of the 1/2 moon lobe on the end. I suggest you take a pic with your cell phone for reference because this is the EXACT position you need for this to be in time..
6. Now manually put the crank back to 0.
7. Remove the oil pump and put it back in with someone watching the end of the shaft to determine how far off it is from your picture and which way and how far you need to turn it. Redo it until you get it exactly like your picture. When you put the distributor back in, the rotor should be dead on the # 1 mark that you made on the base and the adjustment holes in the distributor should be in the middle so you can adjust the timing + or - equally..
I did this and I got it right on the second try with a helper watching which way the shaft neede to be turned when I installed it and that told me how I needed to adjust it when I put it back in. Remember, you are matching spiral splines so the shaft will turn as you slide it into the shaft so just pay attention to which way you need to adjust.
Hope this helps anyone that is struggling with this. Saved me a ton of time and aggrevation.

etx97xe 02-11-2017 03:24 PM

I use a marker on the oil pump-shaft-clog gear.
Line up the dot punch on the oil pump with the dot-punch on the shaft-clog-gear, then use a marker to mark the teeth on the shaft-clog-gear.
This away when your on the ground looking up you can tell as you slide the shaft-clog-gear into the hole (bottom of timing cover) that there still aligned together.
It takes time and patients but it can be done and this is how i can get this to work the first time.

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