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asherlevin 01-02-2018 04:07 AM

Dropping headliner
I am contemplating installing a 2m ham radio, which will need a roof mounted antenna, i.e. drilling the roof. Any tips on removing or dropping the headliner to drill and run the coax?

alabama_lowlife 01-02-2018 04:44 AM

Take all the plastic trim around the edge of the headliner off. Take off the visors and map lights. Dome light. If it's an extended cab you gotta take off the plastic above the jump seats. It's easier to remove the headliner if you take out the back window and remove and reinstall the headliner through the back window.

Reserector 01-02-2018 05:52 PM

I've gotten mine out through the door opening. I thing I had to bow it. I probably had the seats out at the time. Can't recall exactly, because I've slept since then.

ahardb0dy 01-02-2018 06:07 PM

on my former 87 King cab, I drilled the hole through the roof than accessed it by pulling the headliner down slightly behind the sunroof. OF course if you don't have a king cab with a sunroof it may be more involved.

Tropicalcats 01-02-2018 08:49 PM

Took mine out of my KC through the passenger door.
Remove all the trim including what’s around the jump seats.
Remove dome lights, front and rear dis connect seat belt bolt on top.
2 push clips hold it toward the center and it drops right out.
I had my PS seat laying flat and it went right out the door.

YEPEE 01-02-2018 09:53 PM

you might be able to drop it enough without removing it...

asherlevin 01-03-2018 11:22 PM

Any tips on removing lights/molding/etc? I don't see any screws...

alabama_lowlife 01-04-2018 12:08 AM

A lot of it is held in with clips

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