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Tilitdyze87 05-22-2017 06:06 AM

1987 d21 kingcab driveshaft issue
Hi there! First time caller, long time listener here. I have a 1987 D21 Kingcab with the 2.4 Z24 engine and a standard tranny. My problem here is I need to replace the front half of the 2 piece drive shaft due to a worn out yoke. Apparently, only a 1986 or 1987 shaft from a longbox or Kingcab model will work as the companion flage on these years have a slightly different size bolt pattern/size that mates with the ujoint flange on the rear shaft. So my question is....can I use the short shaft from another year truck (eg.'88-'93) and just replace that companion flange with my own 1987 one? It seems that it is just the one nut that holds it on and if they can be interchangeable, it would save me a lot of time trying to track down either the aforementioned '86/'87 shaft. Has anyone tried this with success?
Thanks bunches :)

synbiotic12 05-22-2017 05:50 PM

I believe the U-joint is a different size from 86-89, than it is from 90 onwards, but don't hold me to that.

Tilitdyze87 05-23-2017 03:28 AM

Thanks for getting back to me :)
I know you are right on the u-joint as I've checked this out too. I'm just wondering if the companion flange that mates the short shaft to the long shaft is interchangeable with latter years such as '88-'93. My theory is that since the center bearing has the same 30mm inner diameter through basically most model years, then the flanges should be interchangeable as well. This way I could take my '87 flange and mate it to the short shaft of the '88-'93 years which seem to be easier to find. I'm just wondering if anyone has encountered to same scenario and had success interchanging the flange before I go out and find one and try it. Thanks for your info though

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