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urimashe 05-31-2018 02:36 AM

New from alaska
Hello, my name is John, Most call me Uri online though. i have been a hardbody / pathfinder fan most of my driving life, first vehicle was an 88 pathfinder. I currently own a 1990 nissan d21 king cab with a ka24e engine, and just was gifted one from my neighbor, a 93 king cab with the vg30 v6. The ka24e i rebuilt from the ground up, the v6 runs but has issues i will be searching for the solution for.

a little about me, I hail from the great white north of alaska, and i value my trucks way more then they are worth. I am a Mechanic by trade, (ford, not nissan sadly, but i got good job security), hobbies are working on my trucks, computers, computer gaming, woodworking, and reading. for any other information, you just gotta ask.

i will try to get some pictures up when i get the time.

Travdog 05-31-2018 02:43 AM

Hello from hot and humid Virginia ! I’m pretty new here myself, always wanted to visit Alaska

cadillacdude1975 05-31-2018 04:43 PM

welcome to IN.

dvdswan 05-31-2018 08:42 PM

Welcome to the site.

kellybig 06-01-2018 05:37 PM


alabama_lowlife 06-01-2018 05:53 PM

Welcome home, I’m quite certain you’ve found the right place.

Natnater 06-01-2018 10:48 PM

I'd rather have Alaska than Missouri. This humidity is killing me. Welcome to the site!

scoobysmak 06-02-2018 01:37 AM

Welcome to :IN:

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