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peter77 03-31-2019 12:46 AM

Back to the Bluebird
Hi all,

A long story short my first car was an '82 Bluebird TRX. Loved the hell out of that car. I bought it sight unseen on Ebay for $1000 when I was 17. Turned out I bought it from the original owner who had worked for Nissan and purchased it new and cared for it like a baby ever since. Even had orig working stereo tapedeck etc.
I drove the car for about 8 years and being the funlovin' teen I was I thrashed it over those years. But the car never skipped a beat. Never went wrong (apart from the occasional fuel pump or other incidental).

Skip to 17 years later and I've moved from Australia to the Baltics. Now driving a Subie '05 Sti (winters here are just too fun) and somehow this advert pops into my peripherals. A young fella purchased an '89 Bluebird from someone in France, got it here (it wasn't driveable), and has restored it to working order. He hoped to give it the full resto treatment and get it "Classic vehicle" registration (here that means you pay 0 road-tax and your reg is far cheaper as well).

It's now roadworthy, has reg to the end of this year and is pretty much good-to-go. The seller unfortunately ran out of funds for the project and has put it up for sale with the whole boot full of spares, parts etc. I'm picking it up tomorrow.

Thank you!

cadillacdude1975 03-31-2019 03:05 AM

Welcome to IN.

Shawn B13 03-31-2019 02:22 PM

Along for the ride.

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