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LowMater86 05-05-2020 06:30 AM

Quick Question Need Info Before Buying
I'm looking at a 93 with a KA

Truck set for 3 months

Drives, pulls, shifts smoothly, and has smooth power

2 issues I noticed

When sitting and idling it will bog down to 500 rpm for a few seconds and then rev back up to normal idling RPMs. No smoking until it does this. My wife said she seen a slight white puff when it bogged down.

Second issue was the AC it blow super cold and strong. But I noticed the lines were getting frosty when I turned the AC and sit there with it running. The guy reached in and turned the AC back on.

I'm thinking possible MAF, TPS, vacuum leak possibly, tune-up, or maybe the fact it had no top side air cleaner cover possibly.

Then the AC issue I was thinking low on Freon or someone over charged it. Also have ran across issues where you don't suck the system down dry and put new in. Basically just keep chagrining the system with those quick recharge bottle eventually put way to much dye in the system.

I wanted to reach out to other HB/D21 guys that know a little more about these trucks than I do. I can get the truck or a great price so I'm not scared of some work. Just wanted to know if I should look or be worried about the worse consequences.

Thanks in advance sorry for a long help post but trying to give all info.

cadillacdude1975 05-05-2020 09:14 AM

The idle issue could be water in the fuel, bad plug wires or any number of things. You need to pull the seat and check for any stored trouble codes and go from there.

The AC issue could be a few things as well. A set of AC gauges will help you diagnose rhe system. With an ambient temp of 80 degrees outside, the low pressure should be around 40 psi and the high around 200 to 225. The hotter the outside temp is, the lower the low reading will be and the high will be a bit higher. I do not like anything over 250.

The line frosting could be caused by the expansion valve failing to turn the compressor off, and that is a big possibility. The AC boxes are prone to filling up with dead And rotting leaves, pine needles etc.

Good luck.

XoXSciFiGuy 05-05-2020 09:21 AM

I can't answer all your questions, but if it isn't tossing a Check Engine light on you...this is a good thing.

Could be it just needs a good full tune up with decent quality parts. I would start there just on general principles. New cap and rotor, good NGK or Denso spark plugs, new (and high quality) spark plug wires, new air filter. Have to eliminate the obvious first. And I would change out the fuel filter just for the heck of it because its only about six bucks.

NOTE ON FUEL FILTER: Fuel pressure is at 35-40 pounds pressure, which is more than the air on your tires. Can be dangerous.

Do the following in order, and only when engine is stone cold:

Turn ignition key to ON position first. Wait for the 'whirr' noise to stop. Turn OFF ignition. Pull fuse for fuel pump. Disconnect battery. Get container to hold gas. Disconnect hose, pinching it with vise grips before you do. Stuff hose into gas container, release vice grips. Let gas drain until it stops. Replace filter. Clean up any spilled gas.

Put fuse and battery back in truck. Restart truck. If you try the quickie route, possible fire in the engine bay can ruin your day.

LowMater86 05-05-2020 11:57 AM

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Thanks for the quick responses. I have been trying to buy a truck for 3 weeks. Its been a nightmare literally 4 trucks sold out from under me.
I sold my 93 that I had and completely miss it loved that little truck. So I don't want to let this one get away. It literally drives super smooth and the color I don't see often.

I looked at the truck after work offered 2K and I told him let me do some research 1st the idle scared me a bit. He told me someone was coming to look at it, and then he changed his listing saying project truck and it sat for 3 months.

This is his description sounds like most non car people and a pic of the truck:

work/project truck
Dont want to sell but I needed something bigger

I just started it after it has set for 3 months and it has a miss at idle but drives and acceleration is normal ... maybe after If I drive it it will work itself out

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street_rulerr 05-05-2020 05:58 PM

if it sat for that long you need to shake it down longer than a test drive to see if any of those issues clear up. sometimes sitting for too long will cause little bits of crud, etc to build up. get it good and hot (30min+ on the freeway cruising) and then see whats left.

all that sounds normal for a truck this age.

LowMater86 05-06-2020 12:07 AM

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took it down the road for a nice highway test drive. Truck doesnít lose any power actually pulls great in all gears at any speed. I made an offer on the truck to reflect the repairs and he agreed. He was a straight up person we actually exchanged numbers to do some work for each other down the road. He said he wanted someone to enjoy the truck thatís going to take care of it. I got it for 1600 in the end which for the shape no rust solid body, and frame for a 27 year old truck. Iím going to do a oil change, tuneup, all filters, drain the tank fill up with 93 octane, and start from there. Iím going to go and see if there are any codes even though no CELs, and check for vacuum leaks. I know a pretty good amount of things to check from reading through the stickyís on the forum. I was thinking of gathering the parts for the intake swap, head gaskets, timing chain, oil pump, etc... and just do all this work at once while Iím there.

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alabama_lowlife 05-06-2020 01:05 AM

Nice truck man, welcome back

LowMater86 05-06-2020 01:59 AM

Thanks. I could help it I had to scoop it up before someone else did. Plus In the I can't get over the color its a dark blue metallic. Now its time to buys some parts, and get it to purring like a kitten haha.

88HD 05-06-2020 04:26 AM

That's a great looking truck and a steal for $1600!

LowMater86 05-06-2020 12:13 PM

A little update stopping by the Parts Store today to go ahead and pick up
Plugs (NGK V Power Copper)
Wires (Duralast)
Oil (was thinking 5w30 Synthetic)
Filters (Oil, Air, Fuel)

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