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jp2code 11-04-2016 12:48 AM

1994 VG30E to VG33E with H256 Cams
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This is nearly going to be a duplicate of what fbccars924 has already done on his 92 D21 in thread VG33 Swap, All you need to know.

My plan is to only add mild cams and headers.

VG Engine Data from Wiki

The VG30E produced 153 hp and 182 lb·ft.

The VG33E produced 180 hp and 202 lb·ft at 2,800 rpm.

Cams          VG30E  VG33E H256
Duration(I)  248    240  256
Duration(E)  248    244  256
Lift          .393  .354  .420
Separation    113°  111°  110°
Range Low    1000  1000  1500
Range Hi      5000  5000  5500

Schneider Racing - Nissan H256

Notice the Duration and Lift:
  • The VG30E cams are bigger than the VG33E cams.
  • The H256 cams are bigger than VG30E - by nearly the same amount that the VG30E is bigger than the VG33E.

Hopefully, the H256 cams will not require the $600 ECU mod by Wolf (

I am a little concerned with how the spec sheet on the H256 shows its power doesn't come on until 1500 RPM. Whenever I pull a trailer with a tractor on it, I cannot really start out at 1500 RPM from a standstill unless I ride the clutch.

Using the upper intake manifold and plenum from the VG30E, the engine should look completely stock whenever I am finished.

31 October 2016 (Halloween): I bought a JDM VG33E engine on eBay for $850 with free shipping to my house.

To handle the exhaust, I also pitched in an extra $150 for a set of Stainless Racing Headers for the VG33 engine by speed_daddy (eBay Item 381735428483)

01 November (one day later): VG33E arrived. I like this bunch!

03 November: Moved engine to the shop. Thanks to my 9-year old son Maximos for taking the picture.

I was a little surprised the BX2200 Kubota's back wheels did not come up off the ground.

The headers also arrived today, but they will just sit in the box for a while.

Hardbody92 11-04-2016 02:10 AM

Great stuff JP! Very exited for ya keep us posted. I'm pulling my vg33 from an xterra I got for 250 bucks with a blow head gasket and heavy rust

cadillacdude1975 11-04-2016 03:18 AM

im sure you know, but do yourself a favor and replace every gasket you can while that engine is out of the truck.

Hardbody92 11-04-2016 04:16 AM


Originally Posted by cadillacdude1975 (Post 467571)
im sure you know, but do yourself a favor and replace every gasket you can while that engine is out of the truck.

True. I'm replacing the pcv valve also

Hardbody92 11-09-2016 03:01 AM

These are the engine mounts I want to use in my vg33 swap they are solid mounts. Just in case you don't want to use your stock mounts

Deerhurst 11-09-2016 03:42 AM

Lookin forward to this! Keep me posted on the cams. I'd like to do a set in my truck but a low of 1500RPM is kinda high.

jp2code 11-09-2016 11:53 AM

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The RPM range for the Jim Wolf cams would be higher.

The H256 are milder than either the S1 or S2 (included in the chart as JWS1 and JWS2 below).

Cams          VG30E  VG33E H256  JWS1  JWS2
Duration(I)  248    240  256  260  266
Duration(E)  248    244  256  260  266
Lift          .393  .354  .420  .440  .474
Separation    113°  111°  110°  116  116
Range Low    1000  1000  1500  ?    ?
Range Hi      5000  5000  5500  ?    ?

jp2code 11-10-2016 06:33 PM

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10 November 2016 (241st Marine Corps Birthday):

Pulling the top off of the VG33.

Getting these sensors to unplug is a bitch. A lot of them keep snapping on me, so I took a "break" (pun) to come inside and see if there is any info in the Service Manual about getting them to release.

street_rulerr 11-10-2016 07:53 PM

i posted in the other thread but, if you are talking about breaking the two black electrical connectors, if they are the "squeeze-lock" kind where you gotta squeeze the tab to get to lift and pass over a powl, i find that squeezing like a mutherfucker and pushing them MORE together can get them to break free sometimes and avoid that awful crack/snap sound that says "youll never get a good signal again"

jp2code 11-10-2016 09:42 PM

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It had that damn little wire clip holding it on.

The problem was, I couldn't tell from looking/feeling under the intake plenum. I just knew I could push down on the part that was going down, and the fother mucker refused to come off.

I bent down there with a flashlight to take a pic for YEPEE. That's when I saw it had a stinking bolt holding it down.

I've always heard the VG30 and VG33 were the same, but it is nice to see how close they are.

Can you spot which one of these intakes is from a VG30 and which is from a VG33?

I'm currently down to the water pump.

You know all those times we tell people, "If you are going to be changing the timing belt, you might as well change the water pump too while you are there."

Shit! There's still quite a bit of work to do in getting the water pump off.

Oh, it's coming off! It may have less than 65k miles, but it's getting a new water pump, timing belt, tensioner, radiator hoses, and belts.

Right now, though, I've got to stop. It turns out a special wrench is required to get the distributor off.

I can get my 10mm on there, but there isn't enough room for me to turn the wrench any on this one bolt.

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