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D21dailydriver 05-17-2021 02:13 PM

Armada rims-how low can I go?
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1991 extended cab 2wd stock suspension on 18" Titan/Armada rims with 245/40zr18 tires. Between the tire and fender drivers rear is 4.75", Driver front 2", passenger rear 4", passenger front 2.75". That's on a slab, level ground. How do I even start to drop this thing if it's so uneven? *before I got it there was a minor fender bender but it was not that bad because the original fender is still on it, just beat on with a hammer-whoever fixed it did an 80 out of a 100 job-its not that bad*everypart autozone could get me for the front end was replaced shortly after I bought it and when I got the alignment they basically said this is as close as we could get. It doesn't eat tires. Is the frame twisted? On these 18's when I say how low can I go I'm really looking to level it out so it looks better sitting, strait- not the typical truck lift in the rear. Can't really slam it down on these rims they won't tuck. New Napa driveshaft that was over priced so I am apprehensive to just jump right in before I'm knowed up and have a plan that'll work.

I am wondering if there is a way to drop the bed a half an inch as well to get the body lines strait. I think the lines not being strait are worn out cab bushings because the bed has none. That half and 3 inch blocks and a redrill of the leaf should get me where I want to be in the back after rolling the lip on the inside of the fender.

I'm leaning towards spindles in the front instead of messing with the torsion bars eventhough I believe a few turns on that passengers side may fix my unlevel front end. Have you had issues Lowering with torsion bars in the front eat the tires up on the inside?

***any thoughts after reading my first novel? ***

Please excuse any typos, I'm on my phone and went to public schools-thanks for the help.

89'HBV6 05-18-2021 12:05 AM


Originally Posted by D21dailydriver (Post 549271)
Please excuse any typos, I'm on my phone and went to public schools-thanks for the help.

Welcome to IN...

Excuses... Ummmmph! :bang:


EF2 05-18-2021 03:09 AM

my torsion bars are turned down more on one side than the other on my truck, i measured ground to middle of fender on both sides on level ground and one side needed more turns than the other. i didn’t think much of it, still don’t for that matter, but i made a note of it. my truck doesn’t eat tires either, and same story from alignment shop, as close as they could get it, but i’m way lower than you are and the shop owner was a dickhead lol.

D21dailydriver 05-25-2021 03:07 AM

Update* 3 inch blocks and loosened the torsion bars up and its level and riding decent, so I guess the moral of the story is just lower the truck and drive it like it's stolen. I cut the bump stops down to about 3/4 of an inch with a Sawzall. For 70 bucks I'm happy. I'll be swapping out front and rear shocks tomorrow.

89'HBV6 05-25-2021 07:49 PM

Good to know...

So, you know what is said about "pictures", right? Had you included an image, you may have shortened the sentence. :ahh:

Always drive it like it's stolen! :woot:

n2locarz 10-12-2021 01:51 AM

Hey guys, new here - any updates on the lowering? Would love to see picks.

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