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marinemammal 01-12-2018 01:45 PM

Doesn't Idle
Last summer my son and I put a new head gasket on my 1986 D21 4 cyl. He was inexperienced and let the timing chain go slack so we had to go farther than I wanted to. We replaced the chain and gears. Now I can't get the truck to run well at low rpm. I have tried to make sure all the vacuum lines are correct, but there is one larger rubber tube down low on the drivers side that has gotten hot and burned off. It was like that before replacing the head gasket and timing chain.
The truck runs well at high rpm and high speed, but won't idle well and runs crappy at low speed and starting out. I think the timing chain is done right, but I've tried to time it with the distributor and cannot get it timed correctly because there is not enough adjustment in the distributor. The best setting is when the distributor is all the way clockwise.

alabama_lowlife 01-12-2018 03:28 PM

You've got the timing done incorrectly. I won't rehash everything, but here's a link to how to get it back in time.

marinemammal 01-23-2018 12:09 AM

Thank you for your quick reply. I got busy and haven't had time to work on this truck. I tried to look at the photos by updating my account to allow third party hosting, but couldn't figure that out either. Also, I thought I should be able to correct the timing chain bad alignment by rotating the cam to the correct position and replacing the pulley??? The truck runs good at high rpm, backfires under compression going down hill, and idles erratically. There still is a problem with the vacuum lines not being hooked up correctly.

marinemammal 02-25-2018 02:34 AM

We ended up getting the problem solved. The oil pump had been replaced incorrectly and therefore the distributor could not be timed correctly.

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