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Alexg89 11-18-2020 11:47 PM

1994 v6 auto 2wd problems
so per the FSM in the AT section on page AT19 im experiencing a FAILSAFE mode.. ive ran all the diags and i have no flashly lights or codes.. please tell me someone has experienced this and has a remedy .

casue its a beautiful truck with zero probems and id hate to 5speed swap it and ruin it

Deerhurst 11-19-2020 01:19 AM

You can never ruin something by getting rid of an automatic tranny!

Do the lights on your ECM work? 94 may be OBD compliant.

Alexg89 11-19-2020 01:35 AM

I've checked all lights and procedures . Only thing I got on self diag is code 51 for injector circuit which explains my miss but not the trans

Deerhurst 11-19-2020 03:12 AM

I believe the trans has its own module and no idea if it can throw codes. I'm more familiar with the old trucks though.

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