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DansNissanTruck 08-21-2021 08:25 PM

Hey, this is for 89'HBV6. I bought both the molding strip, with the chrome facing, and the 'attaching ' strip. Once I saw what the attaching strip was I saw that my truck still had that component adhered to the truck. It goes against the cabin/upper side of the channel. So I returned it. I had to trim a bit of windshield adhesive out of the channel to make the molding seat correctly. Also, the side trim has to be removed because the molding goes under it on the sides. The adhesive strip on the actual molding, which goes up against the top edge of the windshield, is very narrow, but it did seem to get adhered to the windshield. I put a bead of black silicone in the channel before I pushed the molding in. Then I taped the entire area off and used more silicone to seal the sides and top edge. The only issue I had is that the molding piece needs to be centered so the sides both fit symmetrically, and it's off by about an 1/8th of an inch, so the driver's side has a bit of a gap. that's it. Thanks to all the helped me out.

89'HBV6 08-21-2021 11:29 PM

Dan... 2 things:

1. Where/Who did you buy from, please?
2. PICs, where are the PICs? (o:\

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