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thisandnothingmore 12-22-2017 05:48 PM

Lower on one side
Passenger side sits lower by about 1 1/2 inches in the front. Checked tie rods etc, everything is good, no alignment problems. Torsion bars? shock getting weak? Ideas?

Reserector 12-22-2017 06:01 PM

Measure from the ground up to the frame, front and rear to confirm what you are seeing. It is possible that the suspension is ok, but the mounts are bad.
Mine looked crooked until I measured, and reshimmed the bed.

estetic 12-22-2017 07:01 PM


Normal, its due to the gas tank and suspension wearing unevenly due to the weight. Can be compensated with some torsion tweaking, fresh bushings and leaf springs.

alabama_lowlife 12-22-2017 08:44 PM

My dad's 95 did this when it was brand new.

94til... 12-23-2017 05:32 PM

My truck did this a few years ago and I was told to "stop picking up so many fat chicks":rofl2:

I ended up cranking up my torsion bar a bit on that side to level the truck.

cadillacdude1975 12-24-2017 02:48 AM

probably worn out cab bushings.

bh0well 12-30-2017 03:17 AM

Definitely the gas tank. Happens to us all

Deerhurst 12-30-2017 06:40 AM

Good ol hardbody lean. Confirm it with a tape and level it back out if possible.

cadillacdude1975 12-31-2017 08:51 AM

i noticed my left rear is about an inch lower than the right rear. it has been almost five years since i changed the shocks. why do oddball things like this pop up during savage ass wind chill temps? the wind chill is forcasted for the single digit temp range for several days. i really doubt i will be out there goofing around.

synbiotic12 12-31-2017 01:14 PM

People always comment on mine being leaned off to one side, I just say that's the gas tank side but i'd like to fix it one day. doesn't help that the rear shock on that side is toast now too.

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