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BeeDoo 01-12-2022 09:28 PM

(Finally) got the D21 Rolling!!
Well, it took a few months, and eventually ditching the EFI and ponying up for the carb conversion. But it's running! Still needs front brakes and some electrical work to be completely "street legal". But hey, we're rolling!

89'HBV6 01-12-2022 09:40 PM

Nice!!! Glad to see another "recovery"... :thumb:

..and you got one with a topper the same color. I suspect that's somewhat rare, these days. Congrats... :woot:

alabama_lowlife 01-13-2022 11:45 AM

Damn, looks cold there lol

cadillacdude1975 01-13-2022 12:37 PM

Damnit send that snow down here lol

PorknBeans 01-15-2022 06:53 PM

Way fukkin cool

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