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Sweet-N-Low 06-29-2018 04:34 PM

Such a cool post.. has me really thinking about an SVO turbo swap now!

Tawh 09-26-2019 12:55 PM

Hi any body with info on na20s cheers

scoobysmak 09-27-2019 06:45 AM


Originally Posted by Tawh (Post 525458)
Hi any body with info on na20s cheers

I wish I had something, maybe someone will chime in

nunya 10-29-2019 10:54 AM

I am about done fixin' up my 93 Kingcab for "pretty". I am thinking about improving performance now. I am torn between trying upgrades on my fuel injected 4 cyl. OR finding a 4 cyl, 8 spark plug motor? I am not sure which D21 I had with that motor, but I DO remember that it had alot of pickup power. I also remember the head gasket failed twice at the thin spot between the 1 and 2 cylinders. Which engine am I describing? Did it come fuel injected? I am thinking of getting one and going through it completely as a project. I assume I will also need the corresponding computer, will the wiring harness be needed also? Suggestion will be welcome. Thanks

Deerhurst 11-05-2019 04:23 AM

Stay KA. Going with the Z24 will require you to go TBI and change up your engine management with a decent loss in power.

nunya 11-05-2019 11:18 AM

I see your point now Deerhurst. I am studying the post; How-to 240sx Intake swap, by JsD21HB posted on 9/27/2008. Once I determine that it does apply to my 93 12valve MPI engine, then I guess I would be asking those folks who have made this modification ALOT of questions. Is it as simple as the post implies? Is the increase in Horsepower significant? worth the trouble? Wouldja do this modification again? Unforseen consequences? The PHOTOBUCKET pictures attached to the how-to post are useless. I need pictures. Can anyone provide mor input on this swap?

nunya 11-05-2019 11:20 AM

Oh yeah, please and thank you...

Deerhurst 11-05-2019 01:33 PM

The 240 intake will help a little in top end power but your torque will suffer. Your powerband will be shifted up like a car, not low like a truck like it currently is .

nunya 11-06-2019 12:29 AM

Not doing much pulling or hauling, but I do desire "quickness" I don't need to go over 100 miles an hour, but would like to improve my zero to 60. Can resizing multiport injectors provide pep? Or am asking for trouble?

dvdswan 11-06-2019 12:33 AM

Nope, I did the swap on my truck to fit under the coilover crossover brace.

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