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scoobysmak 11-07-2013 04:32 PM

VG30DETT information
Well this is the motor I was drooling over until I realized that my VG30 and this VG30 was not the same block. This V6 dual overhead cam motor was wider than my V6 and needless to say I don't think I had the room for it...I wanted to cry about then.

This bad boy can put down some true numbers on a dyno without really trying. I rode in one that had over 600HP, at 100 MPH he was able to step on the gas and light up the tires. I am sure you can find quite a few sites for the Z32 300ZX, keyword search "Nissan Fairlady". I believe the Z32 was made from 1989-1995 (could be off by a couple years).

The only swap thread to a D21 I have found is here:

I found a project build log for a VG30DETT D21 here but there is a ton of custom work done for this:

Here is a WD21 pathfinder that got the same VG30DETT:

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