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scoobysmak 12-22-2014 04:43 AM

Nice additions, I love the complete clear tails and have a set to run myself, just wonder now if I wont find johnny law with a ticket book?

static drop 12-22-2014 05:05 AM

Not had any issues yet with the lights...knock on wood. These will be going away in the future however and be putting in fillers and some kinda flush mount lights in the tailgate.

static drop 12-25-2014 04:03 AM

Tailgate had been rattle canned and the pan was starting to surface rust through the temporary primer so, I used a abrasive wheel and took most of it all to bare metal...Since the pic, I used a DA on it and got the remaining primer spots and it cleaned up nice.

Got my new wheel on as well

static drop 12-25-2014 04:19 AM

I have a set of tail light fillers on the way as well. Progress will be on hold for hopefully not too long. Going Saturday to pick up an xcab 97 I bought that has a bad motor for a daily that I will get running, put the blocks on and crank the torsions and put this trucks wheels on. So when that's rolling, I can really get busy on this truck.

static drop 12-29-2014 07:55 PM

Today's delivery
Shallow mount Memphis 10

static drop 01-12-2015 06:01 AM

Been doing a little filler work on the tailgate and roll pan and it's pretty well ready for some primer. So many things are on the to do list now that this has blown into more than a daily project. But, here's what's on the horizon. Picked up a pair of chrome interior door pulls that are supposed to be here Wednesday. Hope to pick up a piece of MDF sometime this week and build a sub box/amp rack. Also, should be able to order a phantom grill and a smooth front bumper from Grant. As usual, will update with the progress.

static drop 01-17-2015 05:21 PM

Not much of an update but switched to the chrome interior door handles

static drop 01-17-2015 09:04 PM

Doing a little wiper cowl shaving today since I have not got any new parts in yet to install.

static drop 01-23-2015 09:09 PM

Picked up 4 air bags, some line and the fittings today. Phantom grille arrives Tuesday. Plan on ordering the Grant smoothie bumper late next week.
Since I got another xcab for a daily, this truck needs will need a new name.

Zee 01-23-2015 09:40 PM

Great build! I'm excited to see how it turns out, keep up the good work!

Where did you get your roll pan and gate flip kit from?

o....and what thickness sheet metal did you use for the cowl?

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